Dive Sites

Dream House

Dream House was so named because it is directly off-shore from what was somebody’s “Dream House” on the land. This sea mount hosts many pelagic species such as Yellow Tail and Blackfin Barracuda, Spanish Mackerel and Dogtooth Tuna in addition to the Whitetip and Grey Reef sharks and the resident school of 100+ Scalloped Hammerheads. The West -facing wall also has beautiful soft corals while morays, nudibranchs and popcorn shrimp can be found on the top of the reef.

Purple Garden

The abundance of colourful soft corals around three coral heads in close proximity created a garden-like array. Sometimes a temporary home for sea turtles and Napoleon Wrasse this site has something for everyone. The swim-thru, associated canyons and the presence of “magic coral” add to the enjoyment of this site. 

Dungeons and Dragons

 At high tide on a sunny day the swim-thrus and caverns which make up this dive are at there best. With no need to return to the entry point, divers can enter and exit caverns as they make their way along the reef which is home to giant clams and magic coral. Spotted Eagle Rays are often seen on this dive in addition to the odd Whitetip Reef Shark and Hawksbill turtle.

Turtle Alley

Dive sites have obvious names in Fiji and this one is no exception as both Hawksbill and Green turtles can regularly be seen on this wall dive. It is suitable for all experience levels while also being a great snorkelling site. Its interesting topography with many coral heads and channels adds to the excitement of not knowing what may be around the next corner. The macro life will also keep the photographers happy with Popcorn Shrimp and a variety of nudibranchs.

Hole in the Wall

This site should be re-named “Gap in the Wall” as part of the reef which formed the “Hole” was removed by a cyclone. An upwelling on one of the deeper sections can result in some frenetic pelagic action while the wall itself displays beautiful soft corals, sea fans and sponges. Sea turtles are commonly seen on this dive.

Golden Nuggets

An array of yellow soft corals on one of the two largest coral heads gives this site its name. It is the closest thing to an aquarium with a shallow sandy bottom and an extensive variety of marine life ranging from a huge Grouper which has been resident for many years to fields of Garden Eels.

Grand Central Station at Namena

 Said to be as busy as the New York subway station of the same name, this drift dive has everything. Initially the diver moves through masses of Fusiliers and Red Tooth Triggers before the patrolling Grey Reef Sharks come into view. They usually out-number the Whitetips but are in turn out-numbered by the circling schools of Bigeye Trevally and Barracuda. The latter part of the dive is all about the soft corals and the safety stop on top of the reef offers masses of Anthias and Blue Tangs.

Chimmneys at Namena

Also described as “Thumbs Up” this site has two circular coral pinnacles rising out of 18-20m to 5m at the top. Divers spiral around the first pinnacle before checking out the coral-covered structures which lay between the two. Masses of Garden Eels occupy the sandy bottom and the Groupers, Sweetlips and Barracuda show indifference to the diver’s presence. Spiralling up the second pinnacle provides the opportunity for divers to have their teeth manicured by the resident Cleaner Shrimp or find Banded Pipefish which occupy the crevices. The safety stop on this dive can be spent observing the many anemone fish who have found a home on the top of the pinnacle.

and more secret dive sites we are exploring in this beautiful area...

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